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Usability Testing Services

Task Based Testing

We can design and carry out task based testing for your web site to ensure that visitors can effectively use the site to achieve their goals

Task based testing involves observing users as they perform tasks on the live site or prototypes to identify usability problems

Web Site Audit (Heuristic evaluation)

An evaluation of the site against known usability principles, web site audits are a cost effective and identify a significant number of site problems. Audits work well in combination with task based testing.

Mini Audits - Web Forms to Search Interfaces

Do you need to zero in on one service or function? You can have a web site audit for just one area.

Web Log and Usage Analysis

We can do a detailed analysis of your log data to develop a profile of strengths and weaknesses of site. We can discover underused or unusual paths that indicate areas for further investigation. We'll use log analysis to develop "best bets" for search engine results.

Usability Workshops

We can train or mentor your in-house team in carrying out usability studies.

We can give a presentation, web or video conference session, half day or full day workshops on task based testing, home page usability, search and web log analysis, evidence based redesigns, heuristic evaluation and writing for the web

Related Services

  • Project Management
    - Facilitate user focused design process
    - Defining purpose and audience
    - Create personas and user scenarios
    - Identify and organize content (guerrilla IA strategies)
    - Prototypes and preference testing

  • Design
    -Develop designs that conform to usability principles

  • User Surveys
    -Solicit and receive feedback on designs or prototypes

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